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Authentic. Trendy. Exclusive. Which are You? 

Original version of an article written for Newsday’s Luxury Living. Nowadays when self-esteem and confidence is the new sexy it must be immediately apparent in your appearance. The first impression goes a long way is an understatement. A simple glance can render you forgotten or very interesting.

Hot Items for Even Hotter Weather

So ladies it’s the middle of summer and we thought we had all of our hair issues covered.   You’re rocking your natural curls or straightening  and blow drying your hair every day while soaking up the awesomeness of the sun, but did you forget how damaging the sun can be to your vibrant locks?  We all know your hair can’t be diagnosed with cancer but that long day on the

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Gel Manicures: UV Nail Polish for Long Lasting Summer Nails

So… let’s talk nails! We all love going to the beach during the summer time and let’s face it, rocking a natural manicure is SO in right now. That’s why we’ve come to the conclusion that GEL nails are pretty much the best thing that’s happened for our nails this summer. The UV Gel polish prevents cracking and chipping and lasts up to three weeks